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About Us

Long-Term Solar Benefits

KasEnergy was founded by Kas Beats Junathan to provide Nigerians with a reliable natural source of energy. At KasEnergy, our goal is to provide affordable energy to companies, businesses, schools, and residential clients. 


About Us


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Take control of your energy use and produce your own energy. Our solutions allow you to produce your own energy, helping lower your energy costs. Gains for your business. Become more sustainable. Maintain high flexibility. 

Improve your environment.

Solar Energy Could Light Up Africa And Global Businesses. The simple irony is that the continent of Africa generates less Co2 than most anywhere else in the world but yet, it stands the most to lose from global warming. The bright news is that it has access to an abundance of solar power.

See how KasEnergy could help you save up to 70% on your energy bills, get a free quote today! Store the energy you've generated and use when you're at home. Thanks to KasEnergy! 

Our service will help you to save time and money.